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Doctor Who: Straight Outta Gallifrey

Straight Outta Gallifrey is a Doctor Who podcast where we take a closer look at the Doctor Who episodes where other Time Lords and Time Ladies appear, such as the Time Meddler.  We have covered all the classic Doctor Who episodes proper, where other Time Lords and Ladies have appeared.  Please go back and check out those episodes.  We are also doing an extended series called Straight Outta Gallifrey: A State of Temporal Grace.







Nov 15, 2023


The Critical Gallifreyan Theory Podcast talks about episode 2 of the War Games.  Author/Podcaster Sara Century joins A.J. to discuss her first impressions of the 10 part serial by Terrance Dicks & Malcolm Hulke.  

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Nov 6, 2023


Author and Podcaster Sara Century joins the Critical Gallifreyan Theory to talk War Games Part 1.  Please let us know your thoughts at

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Threads and Bluesky:...

Oct 1, 2023


Straight Outta Gallifrey talk about Gallifrey stitiching itself back together after the fallout of the Civil War: No Matrix, Political Criminals Pardoned, and a weary president Romana.  Now that the war is over, the political maneuvering begins along with the other Temporal Powers ready to pounce.  Join...

Jul 2, 2023


Sara Century & A.J. talk about the third Key to Time story, Stones of Blood. Join the conversation as they discuss Romana, Folk Horror, K-9, Justice Machines and so much more.


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What are your thoughts about Stones of Blood and the Key to Time series as a whole?

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May 23, 2023


A celebration of the late writer Chris Boucher's work on Doctor Who.  On this episode of A State of Temporal Grace, Allen, April and AJ are discussing two Doctor Who stories, Robots of Death and Face of...