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Doctor Who: Straight Outta Gallifrey

Straight Outta Gallifrey is a Doctor Who podcast where we take a closer look at the Doctor Who episodes where other Time Lords and Time Ladies appear, such as the Time Meddler.  We have covered all the classic Doctor Who episodes proper, where other Time Lords and Ladies have appeared.  Please go back and check out those episodes.  We are also doing an extended series called Straight Outta Gallifrey: A State of Temporal Grace.







Mar 12, 2016

Yes, we are back with the Time Monster written by Robert Sloman.  Ashford is hosting this one by himself, but Josh will be back for the 3 Doctors.  Ashford tries his best to give you a fresh take on a serial that not too many are fond of.  This is the penultimate episode for Roger Delgado's Master, so enjoy, for he...