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Doctor Who: Straight Outta Gallifrey

Straight Outta Gallifrey is a Doctor Who podcast where we take a closer look at the Doctor Who episodes where other Time Lords and Time Ladies appear, such as the Time Meddler.  We have covered all the classic Doctor Who episodes proper, where other Time Lords and Ladies have appeared.  Please go back and check out those episodes.  We are also doing an extended series called Straight Outta Gallifrey: A State of Temporal Grace.







Dec 28, 2016

Join Straight Outta Gallifrey as we discuss thee 6th and Final Installment of the Key to Time Series, The Armageddon Factor.  To help us this time, we have Darrin and Ruth of the RaD Network, which features podcasts like Trekker Talk, Warlord Worlds, and Xenozoic Xenophiles.  Follow them on Twitter for fast access to...

Dec 25, 2016

Jordan and Ashford talk about the Power of Kroll, the 5th installment to the Key to Time series.  Robert Holmes writes about colonialism, Sons of Earth, and Swampy Lovers.

Dec 23, 2016

Josh and Ashford discuss the 4th installment of the Key to Time saga, Androids of TARA.  We had a technical issue which cut the episode somewhat short, but don't worry, for we will have to episodes hitting you right after this at a rapid clip.  Please contact us on Twitter @sogallifrey.  And visit our website, which I...

Dec 21, 2016

Ashford and Allison talk about Allison's new journey in the fandom of Doctor Who.  Allison recently finished series 1 of the new series.  Watching only an episode or two of Tennant, she is still unsure about the future, but just to give you a spoiler, Allison is almost done with season two, and she is really warming up...

Nov 23, 2016

We are now in the third installment of the Key to Time series...Stones of Blood.  David Fisher is the writer of this one.  Mary Tamm is playing Romana, the Time Lady, which is the reason why we are covering this episode, of course.  

This was the 100th story or serial of Doctor Who.  But there is no time to celebrate,...